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Trainee evening out and about in vancouver

Attention trainees! Join us for an after-party event on Saturday, August 27th, starting at 6:30pm with a welcome drink followed by the show from 7:00pm. This event will take place after the Kids Brain Health Networking Trainee Networking Event on the Saturday evening. 

This trainee social event is intended for all trainees, including undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research staff (technicians, research assistants/associates), or newly independent investigators. 

To attend, register for 40$USD on the DOHaD World Congress registration page. This event will take place at Firehall Arts Centre, 280 East Cordova Street, Vancouver, and will provide trainees with the opportunity to continue to connect with their peers. 

The Firehall Arts Centre first opened in 1982 and subsequently established itself as one of the first theatre companies to incorporate Aboriginal artists within its practice. The building is located at Cordova and Gore in the Downtown Eastside, one of the city's oldest neighbourhoods and the historic heart of the city. The Downtown Eastside is known for its strong sense of community, history of social activism, and artistic contributions. The neighbourhood is home to many people who live on the street as well as substances users. Additionally, East Hastings street, between Abbott and Gore Avenue, is the location of a tent city where there has recently been tension between police and its occupants. 

For more information on this event, or for registration related enquiries, please contact Amanda at


There are several options trainees have for travelling the 1.5 Kilometres from Canada Place to the Firehall Arts Centre. Uber, Lyft or Taxi are the quickest way to go. For those who wish to walk, Water Street will take you through Gastown, a historic area characterized by trendy restaurants, art galleries and shopping boutiques. You can continue past the end of Water Street on Powell and turn right on Main Street or Gore Ave to get to the Firehall Arts theatre. As always in a large city it is recommended to travel in groups rather than alone, particularly at night. Regardless of which option you choose, please keep in mind that you are guest in this area, and be respectful of the space and people living here.