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DOHaD 2022 symposium topics

  1. DOHaD and Domestic Animals​
  2. DOHaD Through an Indigenous Lens​
  3. Intervention Cohorts, e.g. HELTI​
  4. Global Faces of DOHaD: Asia / South America / Africa​
  5. Evolutionary and Ecological Aspects of Human Development​
  6. International Indigenous Health​
  7. Social Determinants of DOHaD: Health Inequities, Immigration, ​Racism and Sexism ​
  8. Neurodevelopment and DOHaD: Neurosciences, Brain and Behaviour, ​Mental Health​
  9. Nature x Nurture: Intersection of Genomic Variation with Environment​
  10. Gut-Brain Axis in DOHaD​
  11. Placenta and DOHaD: Placental Nutrient Transport and Influences on Fetal Growth​
  12. Application of New Technologies​
  13. Immunology and Inflammation: Biological Processes​
  14. Maternal Nutrition: Biological Process Associated with Nutrition, Nutritional Interventions; Breastfeeding / Lactation​
  15. Environmental Crises, Planetary Health, Sustainability​
  16. Equity and the Natural and Built Environment​
  17. Preconception Alcohol, Drug and Chemical Exposures; Toxicology and DOHaD​
  18. Preterm Birth and DOHaD​