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DOHaD 2022 symposium topics


  1. DOHaD,Epigenetics and animal production
  2. Indigenous health; intergenerational aspects
  3. The Global faces of DOHaD; HELTi
  4. Evolutionary and ecological aspects of human development
  5. International approaches to Indigenous health; traditional culture
  6. Social Determinants of DOHaD; health inequities, immigration racism and sexism
  7. Neurodevelopment and DOHaD; neurosciences, brain and behaviour, mental health
  8. Intersection of genomic variation with environment
  9. Gut-brain axis and DOHaD
  10. Placental nutrient transfer and fetal growth
  11. Application of new technologies, including AI to understanding growth trajectories
  12. Immunology and inflammation as underlying processes of DOHaD
  13. Nutritional interventions, including breast feeding and lactation
  14. Environmental crises, including pandemics, climate change, food and water security
  15. Equity and the natural and built environment
  16. Pre-and periconceptional determinants of human development
  17. Public policy and DOHaD
  18. Toxicology, environment and DOHaD