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DOHaD 2022 Opening and keynote speakers


Keynote presentation

  • Kang Lee, (Canada) AI, facial recognition
  • David Edwards, (UK), MRI, Brain Imaging, President’s lecturer
  • Elaine Holmes, (Australia), Microbiome in DOHaD and Ageing
  • Tiffany Green, (USA), Health Economics, Health Equities
  • Tracy Bale,(USA), Stress and neurodevelopment
  • Shinichi Kuriyama (Japan), Harmonisation of genetics and lifestyle in personalised medicine
  • Vikram Patel (USA, India), Burden of mental disorder, poverty and social disadvantage (Fraser Mustard lecturer, KBHN)
  • Linda Richter (South Africa), Childhood adversity, pandemics (KBHN)
  • Anne Ferguson-Smith (UK) Imprinting, Epigenetics
  • Cesar Victora (Brazil), Child health and nutrition