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The program is subject to change

*Exhibit and poster area will be open throughout the congress program 

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

  • 07:00 08:00

    Affiliate Society and Chapter Meetings

    • DOHaD Canada Chapter Meeting

    • Latin America Chapter Meeting

    • Japan Society Chapter Meeting

  • 08:00 09:00

    Keynote Lectures

    Co-chairs: John Bertram and Marie-Aline Charles


    • Kids Brain Health Network Lecturer: Childhood Adversity, Pandemics, Linda Richter (Proudly sponsored by Kids Brain Health Network)
    • Imprinting, Epigenetics, Anne Ferguson-Smith FRS (Proudly supported by Azrieli Foundation)
  • 09:00 10:00

    Presidential Plenary x4

    Co-chairs: John Bertram and Marie-Aline Charles

    • Effect Of Maternal High Fat Diet During Mouse Preimplantation on Uterine Fluid Protein Composition and Offspring Metabolism, Irene Peral-Sanchez

    • Parity Modulates Impact of BMI and Gestational Weight Gain on Gut Microbiota in Human Pregnancy, Kate Kennedy

    • Impaired Growth and Bone Health Outcomes in Guatemalan Mother-Child Dyads: A Cross-Sectional Study, Michele Monroy-Valle

    • Association Between Prenatal Antibiotic Exposure And Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Population-Based Cohort Study from British Columbia, Amanda Nitschke

  • 10:00 12:00

    Posters & Coffee

  • 12:00 13:00

    DOHaD International AGM

    All members invited

  • 12:00 13:00

    Lunch on Own

  • 13:15 14:30

    Society Award Lectures

    Co-chairs: Lucilla Poston and Nuruddin Mohammed

  • 14:30 15:00

    Coffee/Tea Service

  • 15:00 16:30

    Gut‑Brain Axis

    Co-chairs: Elana Zambrano and Tatiane Ribeiro

    • How does Nutrition Impact the Perinatal Gut and Outcomes in Infants, Maria Carmen Collado
    • Gut-Immune-Brain Interactions and Neurodevelopment, Jane Foster
    • Maternal Microbiome Impacts Fetal Growth and Brain Development, Eldin Jsarevic
  • 15:00 16:30

    Deepening Into The Immune System and Chronic Disease

    Partially supported by Pfizer

    Co-chairs: Stuart Turvey and Thea Golden

    • Development of the Immune System, Petter Brodin
    • Who Knew that Clues to Childhood Asthma Could Be Found in Dirty Diapers? Early Life Microbiome and Child Health, Stuart Turvey

    • Early Exposures and Immune Health, Mary-Claire Arrieta
  • 15:00 16:30

    Early Life Exposure to Green Space

    Proudly sponsored by BC Children's Hospital Foundation (BCCHF)

    Co-chairs: Zaneta Thayer and Leseadra McKerracher

    • Do Children Become Healthier in Nature and, if so, Why?, Matilda Van Den Bosch
    • How to Use Green Space for Improved Child Development, Mariana Brussoni
    • First Nations Experience with Green/Nature Interventions That Seek to Improve Child Health, Amanda Frohlich Chow
  • 15:00 16:30

    DOHaD and preterm birth

    Prouldy sponsored by CHU Sainte-Justine - Université de Montréal & March of Dimes

    Co-chairs: Anne-Monique Nuyt and Jessica Poletto Bonetto

    • Preterm Birth and the Heart, Adam Lewandowski
    • Cardiometabolic Health in Adults Born Premature with Extremely Low Birth Weight, Katherine Morrison
    • Preterm Birth in Brazil and Early Intervention, Rita de Cássia Silveira
  • 15:00 16:30

    Global approaches in Indigenous Child Health

    Proudly sponsored by Simon Fraser University

    Co-chairs: Margo Greenwood and Erik Mohns

    • Birthing on Country, Rhonda Marriott AM with Elder Auntie Doreen
    • Nurturing the Seed, Chaya Kulkani Co-Presenting with 2 Elders
    • A Better Start; National Science Challenge, Wayne Cutfield
  • 15:00 16:30

    Supporting Healthy Life Trajectories: The Importance of Starting Early

    Proudly sponsored by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR Central) & CIHR Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health (IHDCYH) 

    Co-chairs: Nigel Rollins and Maria Ospina

    • Perspectives from a Harmonised Multi-Country Longitudinal Intervention Study: The Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative (HeLTI), Kalyanaraman Kumaran
    • Community-Led Initiatives to Strengthen Indigenous Family Wellness Through Child Development Optimization in BC and Alberta, Lynnette Lucas and Lea Bill
    • The Importance of Early Interventions – Evidence, Economics and Equity, Mark Hanson
  • 17:00 18:00

    Keynote Lectures

    Co-chairs: Torsten Ploesch and Kozeta Miliku


    • Origins, Consequences and Costs Of Inequities In Society, Tessa J. Roseboom 
    • Microbiome in DOHaD and Ageing, Elaine Holmes (Proudly sponsored by Dr Rogers Prize)
  • 19:00 23:30

    Taste of Canada Evening

    Food stations and hors d’oeuvres celebrating Canada’s culinary diversity.

    For more information, please click here.