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The program is subject to change

*Exhibit and poster area will be open throughout the congress program 

Monday, August 29, 2022

  • 07:00 08:00

    Sponsored Breakfast

  • 08:00 09:00

    Gairdner Canada John Dirks Global Health Award Lectures

    Co-Chairs: Janet Rossant, President Gairdner Canada and James Reynolds, Chief Scientific Officer of KBHN


    1. Fraser Mustard Lecture Awardee of KBHN “Burden of Mental Disorder, Poverty and Social Disadvantage”, Vikram Patel

    2. Child Health and Nutrition, Cesar Victora 

  • 09:00 10:00

    Presidential Plenary

    • Pregnancy Outcomes and Birth Complications

      Merilee Brockway

      Birth Outcomes During Covid-19 Lockdowns: The International Perinatal Outcomes in The Pandemic (IPOP) Study

    • DOHaD and Cardiometabolic Outcomes

      Carlos Sanchez-Soriano

      Associations Between Parental Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease and Offspring Birth Outcomes Suggest Different Mechanisms of Early Determination of Adult Cardiometabolic Disease

    • DOHaD and Interventions to Improve Outcomes

      Rebecca Wilson

      Sex Specific Differences in Mid-Pregnancy Fetal Liver Gene Expression in The Guinea Pig Model of Fetal Growth Restriction

    • Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms in DOHaD

      Ashutosh Tomar

      CYP2E1 Methylation in Newborn of Indian Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Women & Future Diabesity Risk

  • 10:00 12:00

    Posters & Coffee

  • 12:00 13:00

    Lunch Panel Discussion

    The Venice Forum: DOHaD and Investing in Maternal Newborn and Child Health in COVID Recovery

    Chair: Dr. Mark Hanson

  • 13:00 14:30

    Global Faces of DOHaD

    • Maternal Obesity during Pregnancy: Human Studies in South Africa, Shane Norris

    • Maternal Undernutrition and Low BMI during Pregnancy: Human Studies in Japan, Itoh Hiroaki

    • Maternal Hypoxia during Pregnancy: Human Studies in Bolivia, Colleen Julian

  • 13:00 14:30

    DOHaD in Humans: Don't Forget Genetics!

    • Mendelian Randomization in the DOHaD Contex, David Evans

    • Genetic Impacts on DNA Methylation in the Context of DOHaD, Jordana Bell

    • Genetic Influences on DNA Methylation at rRNA Epialleles, Vardhman Rakyan

  • 13:00 14:30

    Placental Development and Life‑Long Consequences

    • Inflammation Effects on the Fetal Blood-Brain Barrier and Life-Long Neurological Disorder, Alex Bonnin

    • Links Between Placental and Fetal Development, Miriam Hemberger

    • Placental Adaptative Responses to Hypoxia and Inflammation, Irene Cetin

  • 13:00 14:30

    Early Brain Development and the Origins of Infant Mental Health

    • Social Origins of Developmental Risk for Mental Illness, Judy Cameron

    • Caregiver Sensitivity and Child Outcomes through the Lens of Global Meta-Analytic Research, Sheri Madigan

    • Developmental Pathways to Childhood Depression and Anxiety, Michael Meaney

  • 13:00 14:30

    Health Inequities and Social Determinants of DOHaD

    • Child Nutrition and Social Inequities, Zulfi Bhutta

    • Monica Ruiz Casares

    • Marjorie Aude Rabiau

  • 13:00 14:30

    Indigenous Women's Health

    Elder/Indigenous Knowledge Holder Witness, Alexandra King
  • 15:00 16:30

    Open Oral: Indigenous Health and Global Health

    • Thayer - Individual And Parental Attendance At Indian Boarding Schools In The United States: Associations With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) And Allostatic Load

    • Fayed - Peers4wellness: Voicing The Experiences Of Indigenous Women (Cis-Gender, Trans-Gender) With Healthcare And Introducing A Historic Trauma Responsive Model Of HCV/HIV Research And Care (The Oneness Bundle)

    • Hiliary Monteith - Maternal and Early Life Determinants of Anishinabeck Infant and Child Growth Trajectories

    • Verstraeten - Promoting Well-Being Among Young And Expecting Indigenous Mothers Through Traditional Workshops In A Remote Community: The Fort Chipewyan Mothers' Program

    • Prabhu - Community Engagement and Context In Setting Up A Multi-Faceted Longitudinal Intervention In Rural India

    • Islam - Birthweight And Markers of Cardiometabolic Risk During Mid-Adolescence: Findings from The Minimat Cohort In Rural Bangladesh

  • 15:00 16:30

    Open Oral: Pregnancy Outcomes and Birth Complications

    • Piekos - Evaluating The Effect of Covid-19 Vaccination On Maternal-Fetal Outcomes

    • Jabin - Modelling Gestational Weight Gain Trajectories Using the Super Imposition Translation And Rotation (Sitar) Growth Model To Predict Maternal And Neonatal Adverse Health Outcomes: The Interbio-21st Study

    • Lopes - The Effects Of Social Isolation On Gestational Length And Inflammatory Profile Of Rats: A Model For Covid Isolation Stress

    • Paraktoon - Pre-Eclampsia, Emergency Cesarean Delivery And Bifidobacterium Levels In Infant Gut Microbiota

    • Arenas - The Role Of The Mechanosensor Piezo1 In The Developing Vasculature: A Study In The Human Fetus And The Chicken Embryo

    • Fernandez-Rhodes - Maternal Psychosocial Stress And Birth Outcomes In The Hispanic Community Health Study/Study Of Latinos

  • 15:00 16:30

    Open Oral: DOHaD and Cardiometabolic Outcomes

    • Holody - Perinatal Iron Deficiency Causes Sex-Specific Mitochondrial Responses In Neonatal Rat Hearts

    • Dearden - Maternal Obesity Programmes Offspring Mir-505-5p Expression In The Hypothalamus And Impacts Hypothalamic Fatty Acid Sensing Mechanisms

    • Denizli - The Novel Role of HSC In Regulating Glucose Tolerance In Offspring Of Obese Mice

    • Mennitti - Effects Of Different Fatty Acids Maternal Intake on Glucose Metabolism Of 21-Day-Old Male Offspring

    • Perelmuter - Early Origins of Cardiac Dysfunction in An Embryonic Model Of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea During Development

    • Arage - The Impact of Undernutrition in Early-Life On Metabolic, Anthropometric And Cognitive Profile In Adults. Evidence From 1983-85 Ethiopian Great Famine, Wollo, Ethiopia

  • 15:00 16:30

    Open Oral: DOHaD and Interventions to Improve Outcomes

    • Schoonejans - Maternal Metformin Intervention During Glucose-Intolerant Obese Mouse Pregnancy Has Sex-Specific Effects on Adiposity And Cardiometabolic Health Of Aged Offspring

    • Taylor - Resveratrol Intervention in Obese Rat Dams Prevents The Developmental Programming Of Cardiac Remodelling And Aortic Stiffening In Adult Offspring

    • Candia - Postnatal Sildenafil Administration Prevents Vascular Dysfunction Programmed After Chronic Hypoxic Gestation at High-Altitude

    • Jazwiec - Mitigating The Impacts of Paternal Obesity With Taurine Intervention

    • Metz - The Pforzheim Study: Psychotherapy Mitigates the Impact Of Transgenerational And Maternal Stress And Reduces Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

    • Moolla - Extending The South African Child Support Grant: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Implementing a Pregnancy Support Grant

  • 15:00 16:30

    Open Oral: Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms in DOHaD

    • Carminatti Pantaleao - MIRNA-15B Contributes To The Programming Of Cardiac Disfunction

    • Wang - Partitioning Genetic Effects On Birth Weight Into Maternal And Fetal Components At Classical HLA Loci

    • Simino - Epigenetic Modulation Of Hypothalamic Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Response In Mice Fetuses Of Obese Pregnancies

    • P. Issarapu - SOCS3 Gene Methylation Is Associated With Height In Indian And Gambian Children: The Emphasis Study

    • Gunasekara - Systemic Interindividual Variation In DNA Methylation In Humans Is Associated With Transposable Elements And Under Strong Genetic Control

    • J. Canizo - The Guinea Pig: A New Small Animal Model To Study The Foundations Of Early Human Development

  • 15:00 16:30

    Open Oral: Early Exposures and Longer‑Term Outcomes

    • Hula - Sex-Specific Effects Of Prenatal Hypoxia On Adult Offspring Coronary Artery Function

    • Lock - Increased Susceptibility To Cardiac Ventricular Arrhythmia In Adult Offspring Of Hypoxic Pregnancy

    • Henrique - Intrauterine Exposure To Triclosan Disrupts Thyroid Function In Adult Male And Female Offspring Rats

    • Heikkila - Preterm Birth And Chronic Disease Multimorbidity In Adolescence And Early Adulthood

    • J. Célind - Childhood Overweight And Risk Of Obesity-Related Adult Cancer In Men

    • Li - Acute And Chronic Exposure To Particulate Matter And Preterm Birth: A Time-Series Study In Shanghai, China

  • 16:15 16:45

    Coffee/Tea Service

  • 16:45 17:45

    Keynote Lectures


    1. President’s lecturer “MRI Brain Imaging”, David Edwards

    2. Harmonisation of Genetics and Lifestyle in Personalised Medicine, Shinichi Kuriyama 

  • 18:00 19:00

    DOHaD‑Connector Reception

    With an Exhibitors Passport Crawl, Meet the Professor Speed Discussions, Connecting and Networking, Connector Job Postings and Cocktail Reception, the DOHaD 2022 Networking platform aims to create a sense of community among DOHaD trainees; prompting collaborations, inspiring new, innovative research questions, or research opportunities, and sparking peer-mentorship.