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The program is subject to change

*Exhibit and poster area will be open throughout the congress program 

Monday, August 29, 2022

  • 08:00 09:00

    Gairdner Canada John Dirks Global Health Award Lectures

    Co-Chairs: Janet Rossant, President Gairdner Canada and James Reynolds, Chief Scientific Officer of KBHN


    • Fraser Mustard Lecture Awardee of KBHN “Acting Early: from Developmental Science to the Scalable Prevention of Mental Health Problems”, Vikram Patel (Proudly sponsored by Kids Brain Health Network)
    • Child Health and Nutrition, Cesar Victora (Proudly sponsored by Gairdner Foundation & Telus Health)
  • 09:00 10:00

    Presidential Plenary x4

    Co-Chairs: Janet Rossant, President Gairdner Canada and James Reynolds, Chief Scientific Officer of KBHN

    • Birth Outcomes During Covid-19 Lockdowns: The International Perinatal Outcomes in The Pandemic (IPOP) Study, Merilee Brockway

    • Associations Between Parental Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease and Offspring Birth Outcomes Suggest Different Mechanisms of Early Determination of Adult Cardiometabolic Disease, Carlos Sanchez-Soriano

    • Sex Specific Differences in Mid-Pregnancy Fetal Liver Gene Expression in The Guinea Pig Model of Fetal Growth Restriction, Rebecca Wilson

    • CYP2E1 Methylation in Newborn of Indian Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Women & Future Diabesity Risk, Ashutosh Tomar

  • 10:00 12:00

    Posters & Coffee

  • 12:00 13:00

    Lunch on Own

  • 12:00 13:00

    Lunch Panel Discussion

    Proudly sponsored by University of Southampton

    The Venice Forum: DOHaD and Investing in Maternal Newborn and Child Health in COVID Recovery

    Chairs: Lucilla Poston and John Challis

    • Senator Stanley Kutcher
    • Prof. Rémi Quirion
    • Prof. Sir Peter Gluckman
    • Dr Helga Fogstad
  • 13:00 14:30

    Global Faces of DOHaD

    Co-chairs: Dino Giussani and Macarena Lepez

    • Maternal Obesity during Pregnancy: Human Studies in South Africa, Larske Soepnel 
    • Maternal Undernutrition and Low BMI during Pregnancy: Human Studies in Japan, Hiroaki Itoh
    • Maternal Hypoxia during Pregnancy: Human Studies in Bolivia, Colleen Julian
  • 13:00 14:30

    DOHaD in Humans: Don't Forget Genetics!

    Co-chairs: Susan Ozanne and Chathura Gunasekara

    • Mendelian Randomization in the DOHaD Contex, David Evans
    • Genetic Impacts on DNA Methylation in the Context of DOHaD, Jordana Bell
    • Genetic Influences on DNA Methylation at rRNA Epialleles, Vardhman Rakyan
  • 13:00 14:30

    Placental Development and Life‑Long Consequences

    Proudly sponsored by OHSU Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness

    Co-chairs: Kent Thornburg and Jorge Lopez-Tello

    • Inflammation Effects on the Fetal Blood-Brain Barrier and Life-Long Neurological Disorder, Alex Bonnin
    • Links Between Placental and Fetal Development, Myriam Hemberger
    • Placental Adaptative Responses to Hypoxia and Inflammation, Irene Cetin
  • 13:00 14:30

    Early Brain Development and the Origins of Infant Mental Health

    Proudly sponsored by Kids Brain Health Network & partially supported by CHEO Foundation

    Co-chairs: James Reynolds and Maude Champagne

    • Social Origins of Developmental Risk for Mental Illness, Judy Cameron
    • Caregiver Sensitivity and Child Outcomes through the Lens of Global Meta-Analytic Research, Sheri Madigan
    • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Novel Insights Through a DOHaD Lens, Joanne Weinberg
  • 13:00 14:30

    Health Inequities and Social Determinants of DOHaD

    Proudly sponsored by Kids Brain Health Network

    Co-chairs: Lucy Lach and Jeffrey McCrossin

    • Child Nutrition and Social Inequities, Zulfi Bhutta
    • Migration, Social Determinants of Child Health and Health Inequities, Monica Ruiz Casares 
    • Intersectionality of Social Determinants of Health in Children, Marjorie Aude Rabiau 
  • 13:00 14:30

    Indigenous DOHaD Gathering

    Prouldy sponsored by Women and Children's Health Research (WCHRI)

    Co-Chairs: Rhonda Bell and Adam Purificati-Fune

    • Gathering Knowledge Holders, Sharon Jinkerson Brass and Glida Morgan

    • Alexandra King and Melissa April

    • Witness to Indigenous DOHaD Gathering, Rick Lightning
  • 15:00 16:30

    Open Oral: Indigenous Health and Global Health

    Co-chairs: Malcolm King and Annica Kempe

    • Individual And Parental Attendance At Indian Boarding Schools In The United States: Associations With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) And Allostatic Load, Zaneta Thayer
    • Peers4wellness: Voicing The Experiences Of Indigenous Women (Cis-Gender, Trans-Gender) With Healthcare And Introducing A Historic Trauma Responsive Model Of HCV/HIV Research And Care (The Oneness Bundle), Alexandra King, Sharon Jinkerson-Brass, Sadeem Fayed
    • Maternal and Early Life Determinants of Anishinabeck Infant and Child Growth Trajectories, Hiliary Monteith
    • Neurodevelopmental Disorders among Metis Children in Alberta, Stuart Lau
    • Community Engagement and Context In Setting Up A Multi-Faceted Longitudinal Intervention In Rural India, Manohar Prasad Prabhu 
    • Birthweight And Markers of Cardiometabolic Risk During Mid-Adolescence: Findings from The Minimat Cohort In Rural Bangladesh, Mohammad Redwanul Islam
  • 15:00 16:30

    Open Oral: Pregnancy Outcomes and Birth Complications

    Co-chairs: Emilio Herrera and Kalyanaraman Kumaran 

    • Evaluating The Effect of Covid-19 Vaccination On Maternal-Fetal Outcomes, Samantha Piekos
    • Modelling Gestational Weight Gain Trajectories Using the Super Imposition Translation And Rotation (Sitar) Growth Model To Predict Maternal And Neonatal Adverse Health Outcomes: The Interbio-21st Study, Nusrat Jabin
    • The Effects Of Social Isolation On Gestational Length And Inflammatory Profile Of Rats: A Model For Covid Isolation Stress, Nayara Lopes
    • Pre-Eclampsia, Emergency Cesarean Delivery And Bifidobacterium Levels In Infant Gut Microbiota, Maryam Paraktoon
    • The Role Of The Mechanosensor Piezo1 In The Developing Vasculature: A Study In The Human Fetus And The Chicken Embryo, Germán Arenas
    • Maternal Psychosocial Stress And Birth Outcomes In The Hispanic Community Health Study/Study Of Latinos, Lindsay Fernandez-Rhodes
  • 15:00 16:30

    Open Oral: DOHaD and Cardiometabolic Outcomes

    Proudly sponsored by CIHR Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health

    Co-chairs: Sebastien Bouret and Jennifer Thompson

    • Perinatal Iron Deficiency Causes Sex-Specific Mitochondrial Responses In Neonatal Rat Hearts, Claudia Holody
    • Maternal Obesity Programmes Offspring Mir-505-5p Expression In The Hypothalamus And Impacts Hypothalamic Fatty Acid Sensing Mechanisms, Laura Dearden
    • The Novel Role of HSC In Regulating Glucose Tolerance In Offspring Of Obese Mice, Merve Denizli
    • Maternal Self-Reported Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Offspring Cardiometabolic Outcomes, Edwina Yeung
    • Early Origins of Cardiac Dysfunction in An Embryonic Model Of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea During Development, Sara Perelmuter
  • 15:00 16:30

    Open Oral: DOHaD and Interventions to Improve Outcomes

    Co-chairs: Maria Bygdell and John Bertram

    • Maternal Metformin Intervention During Glucose-Intolerant Obese Mouse Pregnancy Has Sex-Specific Effects on Adiposity And Cardiometabolic Health Of Aged Offspring, Josca Schoonejans 
    • Resveratrol Intervention in Obese Rat Dams Prevents The Developmental Programming Of Cardiac Remodelling And Aortic Stiffening In Adult Offspring, Paul Taylor
    • Postnatal Sildenafil Administration Prevents Vascular Dysfunction Programmed After Chronic Hypoxic Gestation at High-Altitude, Alejandro A. Candia
    • Mitigating The Impacts of Paternal Obesity With Taurine Intervention, Patrycja Jazwiec
    • The Pforzheim Study: Psychotherapy Mitigates the Impact Of Transgenerational And Maternal Stress And Reduces Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes, Gerlinde A.S. Metz
    • Extending The South African Child Support Grant: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Implementing a Pregnancy Support Grant, Aisha Moolla
  • 15:00 16:30

    Open Oral: Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms in DOHaD

    Proudly sponsored by USDA Agricultural Research Service

    Co-chairs: Fabiola Isabela Suano de Souza and Daniel Hardy

    • MIRNA-15B Contributes To The Programming Of Cardiac Disfunction, Lucas Carminatti Pantaleao
    • Partitioning Genetic Effects On Birth Weight Into Maternal And Fetal Components At Classical HLA Loci, Geng Wang
    • Epigenetic Modulation Of Hypothalamic Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Response In Mice Fetuses Of Obese Pregnancies, Lais Simino
    • Systemic Interindividual Variation In DNA Methylation In Humans Is Associated With Transposable Elements And Under Strong Genetic Control, Chathura Gunasekara
    • The Guinea Pig: A New Small Animal Model To Study The Foundations Of Early Human Development, Jesica Canizo 
  • 15:00 16:30

    Open Oral: Early Exposures and Longer‑Term Outcomes

    Co-chairs: Rebecca Painter and Derrick SSewanyana

    • Sex-Specific Effects Of Prenatal Hypoxia On Adult Offspring Coronary Artery Function, Nataliia Hula
    • Increased Susceptibility To Cardiac Ventricular Arrhythmia In Adult Offspring Of Hypoxic Pregnancy, Mitchell Lock
    • Intrauterine Exposure To Triclosan Disrupts Thyroid Function In Adult Male And Female Offspring Rats, Guilherme Henrique
    • Sex- and Race/Ethnicity-Specific Associations Between Population Density and Timing of Pubertal Onset, Ai Kubo
    • Childhood Overweight And Risk Of Obesity-Related Adult Cancer In Men, Jimmy Célind
    • Acute And Chronic Exposure To Particulate Matter And Preterm Birth: A Time-Series Study In Shanghai, China, Cheng Li
  • 16:15 16:45

    Coffee/Tea Service

  • 16:45 17:45

    Keynote Lectures

    Co-chairs: Antonio Marcus de Andrade Paes and Irene Cetin


    • President’s lecturer “The Developing Brain Connectome in Health and Disease”, David Edwards (Proudly sponsored by DOHaD International)
    • Harmonisation of Genetics and Lifestyle in Personalised Medicine, Shinichi Kuriyama (Partially supported by BGI and MGI Americas)
  • 17:45 19:15

    DOHaD‑Connector Reception

    With an Exhibitors Passport Crawl, Meet the Professor Speed Discussions, Connecting and Networking, Connector Job Postings and Cocktail Reception, the DOHaD 2022 Networking platform aims to create a sense of community among DOHaD trainees; prompting collaborations, inspiring new, innovative research questions, or research opportunities, and sparking peer-mentorship.