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The program is subject to change

*Exhibit and poster area will be open throughout the congress program 

Sunday, August 28, 2022

  • 08:00 09:30

    Coffee/Tea Service

  • 08:00 09:00

    Trainee Breakfast Symposia: Work‑Life Balance


    • Anne-Monique Nyut
    • Christine Chambers
    • Stuart Turvey

    Moderator: Merilee Brockway

  • 09:00 10:30

    Indigenous Community in DOHaD Research

    Co-chair: Earl Nowgesic

    Research Panelists:

    • Jeff Reading
    • Alex King
    • Malcolm King
    • Pablo Nepomnaschy
    • Chaya Kulkarni
    • Margo Greenwood

    Moderators: Earl Nowgesic and Erik Mohns

  • 10:30 11:20

    Big Data in DOHaD Research

    Personalizing Big Data for Clinical Prediction

    by Randy McIntosh

    Moderator: Elnaz Vaghef-Mehrabani

  • 10:30 11:20

    Big data in DOHaD research

    How to Plan a Large Study and Keep It Running

    by Johan Eriksson

    Moderator: Amy Inkster

  • 11:20 11:40

    Coffee/Tea Service

  • 11:40 12:30

    Translating from Experimental (Animal) Models to Clinical Implementation

    Building Strong Health and Career Trajectories Through Translational Research

    by Kristin Connor

    Moderator: Katherine Vandal

  • 11:40 12:30

    Translating from Experimental (Animal) Models to Clinical Implementation

    The Power of Diverse Animal Models: Towards Translational DOHaD Science

    by Dino Giussani

    Moderator: Savana Biondic

  • 11:40 12:30

    Translating from experimental (animal) models to clinical implementation

    The Use of an Animal Model to Address the Uncertainties of Cannabis Exposure in Pregnancy: a Canadian Example

    by Dan Hardy

    Moderator: Amanda Rowlands

  • 12:30 13:20

    Tips and trick for interpreting results

    DNA Methylation in DOHaD – Study Design  and Data Interpretation

    by Rob Waterland

    Moderator: Heather Shearer

  • 12:30 13:20

    Tips and Tricks for Interpreting Results

    by Elaine Holmes

    Moderator: Amy Inkster

  • 12:30 13:20

    Tips and Tricks for Interpreting Results

    Bricks and Mortar: Shopping in the Science Store

    by Piush Mandhane

    Moderator: Sebastian Vanin

  • 13:00 15:00

    DOHaD Council Meeting (by invite only)

  • 13:30 15:00

    Lunch on Own

  • 15:00 17:00


    Proudly sponsored by Fonds de recherche du Québec

    Pandemics and Trauma: Impacts on Childhood Development

    Chair: Remi Quirion OC CQ PhD FRSC, Chief Scientist of Quebec


    • Janet Rossant CC FRS, President & Scientific Director, Gairdner Foundation
    • Michael Meaney CM PhD CQ FRSC, McGill University
    • Tessa Roseboom MD PhD, University of Amsterdam
    • Caroline Quach MD MSc, Université de Montréal 
    • Senator Stanley Kutcher ONS MD FCAHS
    • Margo Greenwood OC PhD, Scientific Director of CIHR Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ Health
    • Sir Peter Gluckman FRS
  • 18:00 19:30

    Opening Ceremonies

    • The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos PC MP FRSC, Minister of Health of Canada
    • Elder Margaret George, Skawahlook First Nation
    • Lucilla Poston CBE, President, DOHaD International Society
    • Geoff Pradella MA LL.M, Board Chair, Kids Brain Health Network
    • Santa J. Ono PhD FRSC FCAHS, President, UBC
    • Dugan O'Neil PhD, VP Research, SFU
    • Eagle Song Dancers (Spakwus Slolem) will present songs and dances of yesterday and today representative of the Squamish People.
    • Sarah McLachlan School of Music offers music programming at no cost to under served children and youth in western Canada; today’s performance by Rachel Carino and Francis Reyes.

    John Challis and Janice Bailey, Co-Chairs, DOHaD 2022

  • 19:30 20:30

    Opening Reception

    A celebration of our much anticipated in-person World Congress of the Development Origin of Health and Disease and Kids Brain Health Network communities.