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The Kids Brain Health Network (KBHN) is a Canadian not-for-profit organization that supports cutting-edge research and evidence-based solutions to improve the lives of children and youth with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

By working directly with families, researchers, and professionals, we help to bridge the gap between scientific discovery and the people who really need these innovations. We help kids reach their full potential and ease the burden for families.

KBHN receives funding from the federal government’s Networks of Centres of Excellence program as well as support from foundations, industry, not-for-profits, provincial governments, and community partners.



Early Identification: Children with neurodevelopmental disabilities are not identified during the critical early periods of brain development when interventions have the greatest impact on the trajectory of their disabilities. Research funded by KBHN is helping break down barriers to access and pushing capacity for early identification past the toddler years into infancy. 

Access to Interventions: Evidence-based interventions for neurodevelopmental disabilities are not progressing quickly enough into practice and/or are not accessible in all parts of the country. KBHN is working at the cutting edge of treatment, exploring the boundaries of knowledge so that research findings benefit the greatest number of children and families.  

Family Support: The supports for children living with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families are fragmented and inadequate. This leads to increased parental stress and anxiety, and a negative impact on the quality of life for children and families. Research funded by KBHN is identifying the most effective strategies to support parents and caregivers, reduce family stress, improve communication, and access resources that help their children realize their full potential. 

No other organization does what Kids Brain Health Network does.


At KBHN, We:

  • Connect with families, researchers, innovators and stakeholders to identify issues, develop practical, evidence-based solutions and bring them to kids and their families.

  • Bring solutions closer to implementation. We work to speed up and scale up projects, so the benefits reach kids and families faster.
  • Integrate families into solutions – ensuring that interventions are informed by families’ experiences and guided by the needs of kids from the start. They’re part of the journey, from identifying the issue to putting the innovation into practice.
  • Maintain an unparalleled network across Canada, connecting scientists, families, key people and organizations who work directly with kids and their families and community stakeholders in our shared mission: putting science to work to improve the lives of kids with neurodevelopmental disabilities.
  • Train the next generation of researchers in the science of implementation to help support knowledge translation and family engagement.
  • Advocate for evident based supports and policy changes to help kids with neurodevelopmental disabilities reach their full potential.
  • Promote equity, diversity, and inclusion – recognizing that systemic racism and discrimination has caused historic and continuing harm to Indigenous, Black, and LGBTQ2+ families and children.