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Dohad Journal

JDOHaD, published by Cambridge University Press in association with the International DOHaD Society, publishes leading research in the field of DOHaD, focusing on how the environment during early animal and human development, and interactions between environmental and genetic factors, influence health in later life and risk of disease.

The journal includes original research articles, short communications and reviews, and has regular themed issues, with guest editors; it is also a platform for conference/workshop reports, and for opinion, comment and interaction.

JDOHaD is multi-disciplinary, with contributions from basic scientists working in the fields of physiology, nutrition, endocrinology and metabolism, developmental biology, molecular biology and epigenetics, human biology and anthropology, evolutionary developmental biology, and clinicians, nutritionists, epidemiologists, social scientists, economists, public health specialists and policy makers.

For access or additional information, visit the DOHaD Society Website