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DOHaD 2022 National Organizing Committee

Program and Executive Committee (PEC)


John Challis (co-Chair)


Janice Bailey (co-Chair)


Pablo Nepomnaschy (Vice Chair)


Wendy Robinson (Vice Chair)


Stephen Matthews (DOHaD Canada, President; Chair, DOHaD International program Committee)


Tania Bubela


Deborah Sloboda (DOHaD International, DOHaD Canada)


Kozeta Miliku Trainee representative and Trainee and networking co-Chair)


Malcom King


Sandra Davidge (Trainee and networking co-Chair)


Stephen Lye (Finance Chair)

  • Kristin Connor (Communications Chair)
  • Marc-Andre Sirard (Quebec satellite Chair)
  • Rhonda Bell (Alberta satellite Chair)
  • Mike Kobor**
  • Meghan Azad **
  • Jacquetta Trasler**
  • Anne-Monique Nuyt**
  • Tammy Clifford (CIHR)
  • James Reynolds (KBHN)
  • Rob Waterland (International Program Committee)**
  • Dino Giussani (International Program Committee)**
  • Lucilla Poston (DOHaD International, President, ex officio)
  • Eugenia LIsta-Zaharachuk (EL Productions, Toronto, ex officio)
  • Natasha Hilliard (MCI, Vancouver ex officio)
  • Keltie Westwood (MCI, Vancouver ex officio)

Finance Committee


  • Stephen Lye (Chair)
  • Peter Leung
  • Tania Bubela
  • Rhonda Bell
  • Marc-Andre Sirard
  • Tim Regnault
  • Stephane Bourque
  • Audrey St-Laurent
  • Nicola Lewis (KBHN)
  • Judith Hall
  • Tim Oberlander
  • David Olson
  • Geraldine Delbes
  • John Challis (ex officio)
  • Janice Bailey (ex officio)

Trainee and Networking Committee

  • Kozeta Miliku (co-Chair)
  • Sandra Davidge (co-Chair)
  • Luseandra McKerrocher
  • Malcolm King
  • Jen Zwicker (KBHN, tbc))
  • Doug Swanson (KBHN)
  • Nadine Provencale
  • Sophie Petropoulos
  • Dan Goldowicz
  • Victor Han
  • Deborah Sloboda (DOHaD International member)
  • Emmanuel Bujold
  • Quinping Feng
  • Shelby Oke
  • Audrey St Laurent
  • Amanda Rowlands
  • Amy Inkster
  • Janice Bailey (ex officio)
  • John Challis (ex officio)

Communications Committee

  • Kristin Connor (Chair)
  • Keltie Wellwood (MCI)
  • Eugenia Lista-Zaharachuk(EL)
  • Rhonda Bell (Alberta Satellite)
  • Marc-Andre Sirard (Quebec Satellite)
  • Charlotte Waddell
  • Dannielle Piper (KBHN, tbc)
  • Marina White (trainee)
  • Shelby Oke (trainee)
  • Donna Thompson
  • Alex King
  • Don Avison